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Mega Bore Valve Systems

The Mega Bore Valve System is unique because it uses a different hole size than other valve systems. There are several other features which make this system unique.

Mega-Bore System Specs

Flow Rate

550 (CFM)

Fits Valve Hole


Hole Size Threaded

3/4" NPT

Special Inflator Needed


Recommended Tire Sizes

45" up to 63"

Size Comparisons
.44" / 11.176mm

1. There are three types of rim spuds:
   a. The clamp-in spud for the 15/16" rim hole.
   b. The angled screw-in spud for the 3/4" NPT rim hole.
   c. Screw-in spud for the 3/4" NPT rim hole.

2. The second component is an angle connector which screws onto the clamp-in or the screw-in spud. The rigid Mega Bore Valve can be screwed into the angle adapters and angle screw-in spuds.

3. The next component is either the rigid Mega Bore Valve or the Mega Bore Flexible Valve which has the Retractable Core Housing permanently assembled to the extension. The original Mega Bore Valves have a retractable, but not removable, core housing. The new style mega bore valves use a removable core housing similar to Super Large Bore and Z-Bore.

4. There is also a unique cap to the Mega Bore System to protect the side vent air holes and threads of the valve.

5. To maximize air flow, an MB-8 inflator is used to retract the core housing during inflation and deflation. For routine pressure checks you can still use any Large Bore pressure gauge or air chuck. The new style mega bore valve utilizes the IN-95 for inflation and deflation.

6. Like the Super Large Bore and the Z-Bore Valve Systems, the Mega Bore Flexible Extensions can be field assembled.

Mega Bore flows 550 CFM compared to 240 CFM on the Super Large Bore System.