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Z-Bore Valve Systems

The Z-Bore Valve System is very similar to the Super Large Bore System. By using an O-ring seal to clamp the spud to the rim, a greater flow diameter is created without sacrificing strength or performance.

Like Super Large Bore Extensions, you can use a kit to allow extension assembly in the field. Rigid extensions are also available. Z-Bore flows 370 CFM compared to 240 CFM on the Super Large Bore Valve System.

Z-Bore System Specs

Flow Rate

370 (CFM)

Fits Valve Hole


Hole Size Threaded

1/2" NPT

Special Inflator Needed


Recommended Tire Sizes

33" up to 57"

Size Comparisons
.56" / 14.224mm

Components of the Haltec Z-Bore System

1.  There are two basic spud designs:
     a. The standard clamp-in spud (Z2)      b. The screw-in spud (Z1)      c. The angle screw-in spud (Z4)

2.  The second component is the swivel angle connector which threads onto the spud. As with Super Large Bore Valves, you can install a core housing into the spuds to make a valve.

3.  The Z-Bore Flexible Extension can be made in various lengths.

4.  There is also a unique cap to the Mega Bore System to protect the side vent air holes and threads of the valve.

5.  To maximize air flow, a Z12-B or IN-95 inflator is used to remove the core housing during inflation and deflation. This inflator operates like the Super Large Bore Inflator.