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Large Bore Valve System

The Large Bore Valve System is the oldest of the four off-road tire valve systems. Below are the basic components of a Large Bore Valve System.

All Large Bore Valves can be serviced with any of the Large Bore air chucks, gauges, and tools found in the Haltec Catalog. As with all off-road valve systems, there are many customized products available. You will also find many customized bent extensions in use.

Large-Bore System Specs

Flow Rate

22 (CFM)

Fits Valve Hole


Hole Size Threaded

1/2" NPT

Special Inflator Needed


Recommended Tire Sizes

11.25" - 29"

Size Comparisons
.19" / 4.826mm

Components of the Haltec Large-Bore System

1.  There are two basic spud designs:
     a. The standard clamp-in spud (H-41)
     b. The screw-in spud (C-10)

2.  Into one of these spuds you screw a Large Bore Swivel Valve. While all Large Bore Valves vary in bend, length, and appearance, they all have a swivel feature. An O-ringseals into the valve spud and is tightened down with a swivel nut.

3.  To service the inside dual there are three types of extensions offered:
     a. A rigid extension (867 Series)
     b. A hand-bendable extension (753S Series)
     c. A flexible extension (810F Series)