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Inflator Adapter
Inflator Adapter
SKU: IN-95
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Haltec Model IN-95 Inflator Adapter for Air or Liquid Filling of Large Earthmover Tires when Equipped with Super Large Bore, Z-Bore, and Mega Bore Valves.

The IN-95 will insert or extract an R-372, R-520, Z10, or an MB-50 core housing and positively hold it up in the adapter body out of the air or liquid flow when filling or evacuating a tire. The inflator adapter can be attached to any liquid filling tire pump since it has 3/4" pipe thread. With the adapter attached to the valve, the pressure in the tire can be checked without disconnecting it from the valve, with a large bore gauge, through the end of the adapter stem. All IN-95 parts are brass except the collet, which is stainless steel and the hand knob, which is aluminum.