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L-Ring Seals for Earthmover Rims

The primary purpose of the L-ring seal is to create an air seal where the tire bead and rim bead seat are not completely compatible.
Some of the examples where the L-seal will prove useful:

• Where you have an irregular butt weld in the knurled bead seat area.
• Where, during initial inflation, the bead seating is very difficult.
• When an air passage between the bead and the rim is identified.
• Where overloads and severe operating conditions cause the rim deformation (deflection) which can result in air leakage.

• L-Ring Seals are not a cure for damaged beads nor damaged wheels and rims. Caution should be used during all fitments.
   Do not install where broken bead is suspected.
•Always follow the respective manufacturers' recommendation for proper bead-lubrication and initial air pressure to properly seat beads.
• If you have any questions regarding the use of the L-Ring Seals, contact Haltec prior to attempting any installation.

L-Ring Seals for Earthmover Rims

LR-10 10" L-ring seal
LR-12 12" L-ring seal
LR-15 15" L-ring seal
LR-16 16" L-ring seal
LR-20 20" L-ring seal
LR-24 24" L-ring seal
LR-25 25" L-ring seal
LR-29 29" L-ring seal
LR-33 33" L-ring seal
LR-35 35" L-ring seal
LR-39 39" L-ring seal
LR-45 45" L-ring seal
LR-49 49" L-ring seal
LR-51 51" L-ring seal
LR-57 57" L-ring seal
LR-63 63" L-ring seal
LR-69 69" L-ring seal