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Valve Core Tool
Valve Core Tool
SKU: TL-611
Product Details

The valve core is a critical component of your tires. The small metal spring-loaded device fits inside the valve stem, allowing air in when you attach a chuck to inflate the tire and preventing air from escaping during normal operation. If your tire has a slow leak, it could be caused by a faulty tire valve.

You’ll need a few specialized tools in order to remove your faulty valve and install the new core, including a Valve Core Tool (Standard Bore Valve Tools). Haltec’s valve core replacement tool allows you to extract the full valve stem from your car or truck tire in order to replace the faulty tire valve with ease.

Use Haltec’s Valve Core Tool to avoid damage to your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and keep your TPMS fully operational.
  • All parts replaceable
  • Any 1/4” bit can be used
  • Includes a T-10 Torx and Phillips bit, common for TPMS valve stem replacement
  • TL-611-1 attached for quick airflow usage
  • Made with heavy duty, commercial grade steel