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Liquid Tire Balancer
Liquid Tire Balancer
SKU: 26140
Product Details
  • With AME Liquid Tire Balancer installed in a tire, the tire drops off when a tire change or repair is required! (There will be no rust on rim to brush, no powder to wipe, and the rim is lubricated for an easy remount and a perfect seal!) 
  • AME Liquid Tire Balancer will not block a valve stem, will not ball up and will help you detect any valve stem or tire damage. 
  • Blaster or Cheetah is OK to use with AME Liquid Tire Balancer. 
  • Tire technicians using AME Liquid Tire Balancer state that this product makes their job safer and and easier. 
  • AME Liquid Tire Balancer installation instructions are on the bottle or bucket. 
  • Available in a case of 12 bottles (26140) or a 6 gallon bucket (26142).