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Just Easy Tools - Easy Stacker
Just Easy Tools - Easy Stacker
SKU: 94100
Product Details

  • The Easy Stacker is a tool for Fast and Safe Stacking, Moving and Loading of tires.
  • Specially designed for the tire business with a special and safe grip and a size and movements to work effectively in many stock systems and containers and to load and unload trucks from just one side.
  • Is very effective for loading and unloading – and with just one man.
  • Improves the safety and makes it much easier to fill a trailer completely with tires.
  • Can provide substantial time savings across a whole range of handling operations.
  • Can tilt and handle the tires - horizontal and vertical.
  • Can in some cases improve the whole stock and handling system. No hard manual stacking, no pallets needed, always a firm grip of all the tires with a careful grip that does not break the bead.
  • Can be the tool to make an effective stock system without shelves and pallets.
  • To be mounted on forklifts or loaders.
  • Quick Shift facility to change to and from forks within a minute.