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Deflation Cart
Deflation Cart
Product Details
  • Deflator greatly decreases the time and money it takes to deflate a large OTR tire
  • Operates most effectively when using a compressor producing 155 cfm at 150 PSI
  • Low-maintenance tool with short term ROI
  • Easy to service air exhaust muffler 
  • The tool has been engineered and certified 
  • Quiet - operates at dB
Comes Equipped with
  • Heavy-duty axles and flat-free pneumatic tires
  • Cold weather 25' air line rated for 300 PSI replacing the industry's standard 15'-20' safety deflation/inflation air lines being used
  • Valve stem adapter - comes with unions for both the SLB and Z-Bore size valve stems 
  • Weather-guard muffler rain cover