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Check Thread Kit
Check Thread Kit
Product Details
This kit conveniently holds both the 5-in-1 inspection tool and the new Checkthread tool.

Check the quality and integrity of M22 stud threads

1. Use finger pressure only to screw the Checkthread down the stud thread
2. If the Checkthread has strong resistance or stops entirely before the thread ends, inspect the thread for elongation and damage. Corrective action should be taken to replace the stud within industry or fleet wheel safety procedures.

ATG9755 5-in-1 tool
This gauge is designed to inspect hub-pilot wheel systems to include: M22 x 1.5 wheel studs, wheel nuts, and disc wheel bolt holes. Precision machined, coated to prevent rust and is not affected by the day-to-day work environment. In the hands of a trained technician the 5-IN-1 gauge is designed to enhance current industry inspection methods and best practices.

1. Inspecting studs for under diameter 
Insert the gauge over the threaded end of the stud. If the stud enters the gauge more than the first 4-5 threads, replace it and contact the stud manufacturer for dimensional specifications.
2. Inspecting for over diameter 
With the key chain removed, begin by turning the gauge upside down inserting it into the top of the nut at the threads, the scribe line on the outside of the gauge should not enter the threaded area of the nut.  Remove any nut from service where the gauge enters past the scribe line and contact the nut manufacturer for dimensional specifications.
3. Inspecting for bell mouthing 
With the key chain removed, insert the gauge into the bottom of the nut. Again, the scribe line should not enter the threaded area of the nut. Remove any nut from service where the scribe line enters past the threads (not flange washer) and contact the manufacturer for dimensional specifications.
4. Inspecting disc wheel bolt holes for elongation or foreign material
Insert the 5-in-1 gauge into the bolt hole inspecting for elongation and foreign material. If elongation or distortion is found, replace the wheel. If foreign material is found, clean bolt holes.
5. Inspecting disc wheel bolt holes for diameter 
Place the large end of the gauge on each bolt hole.  It will not pass through if it meets SAE J694/ISO4107 sizing.  It is possible to have a larger bolt hole, if there is no elongation or distortion, contact the manufacturer for specifications before returning the wheel to service.