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Haltec Corporation has engineered a family of tire hardware and automatic tire inflation products specific to the unique needs in the Aviation and Aerospace industries. We provide design, engineering, and manufacturing services directly to aircraft manufacturers, airlines and both military and aerospace contractors. Our Automated Tire Inflation System is capable of accurately inflating tires from 5 to 305 PSI, while downloading all inflation parameters into an easy to use software program. Various lengths of hose assemblies are available and can be combined with an array of high-end air chucks that fit securely and safely to the tire valve. Haltec strictly adheres to all Tire and Rim specifications when manufacturing our valve systems. All Haltec Tire Inflation Management Systems are capable of integrating the data from any of our Digital Torque Instrumentation products. Our line of DTI provides an "engineering level of accuracy in the hands of any technician. Haltec's torque product offering includes bi-directional Zigby and Bluetooth wrenches, screwdrivers, rotary transducers, and ISO certified torque rig processes. Collectively, these products provide an accurate, safe, and efficient process for servicing aircraft wheel assemblies and components.


Aircraft Solutions by Haltec


Aircraft Tire Servicing Cart ideal for aircraft tire servicing and line maintenance operations. 

89-F17 Mobile Tire Inflation Cart


Large Bore screw-in stainless steel aircraft valves. Complete with core and cap.

TV-780-03 Screw-In Aircraft Valve (Short)


AeroChock 20 - Small - Medium Aviation Wheel Chock

15372 AeroChock 20 - Small - Medium


Large Bore screw-on air chuck designed for aircraft inflation.

CH-425 Large Bore Screw-On Air Chuck